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Universal Business Connection sp. z o.o. is an answer to an ever louder expressed need to reduce prime costs. That is why, being loyal to our Customers, we actively support and improve negotiation processes fundamental to their daily operations.

We provide a broad spectrum of negotiation services. These include business negotiation mostly related to prices as well as purchase and sale conditions of various products or services; social negotiation usually based on discussions with personnel of restructured businesses, including trade unions; negotiating accounts receivable the aim of which is to recover outstanding payments in a possibly fast and discrete manner; also procurement outsourcing, related to negotiation.

In full appreciation of the meaning of business ethics and loyalty, we adhere to the business’ highest standards. We pay utmost attention to data safety and at the same time we ensure full confidentiality of all information received by UBC.

We also carry on business with numerous renowned law firms and notary public offices which support our experience with their expertise. All this makes us ready for the best.

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Why should you do business with us?

Due to profitability. We support the business in a way so far unprecedented in Poland and still our pay is only a fraction of the profit we negotiate for our Customer who therefore does not spend a dime out of his company’s pocket on UBC services. Bizarre? Perhaps in the past. Today this is simply innovative.




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