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Crystal clear profit

Our payment system does not require our Customer to spend anything out of his company’s pocket. Our provision is calculated solely on the discount that we negotiate for him.

Location is not important

Our team efficiently carries on all business-related negotiation, regardless of where they are held

Experienced negotiators

We have the necessary experience that allows us to swiftly and efficiently carry out even the most complex business negotiation

Team work

UBC is a great team of people who enjoy working together and are on the same wavelength. We have been working together for a long time, which makes us strong

Our flexibility will drive your success!

UBC UBC negotiations are a great support for our business Partners. We mainly handle price negotiation on their behalf, which enhance the financial liquidity of their companies.
We aim to negotiate the lowest purchase prices. This creates a truly comfortable situation as we and our Clients share the same goal: UBC’s provision is strictly related to the discount we negotiate. It is then natural that we are interested in gaining far-reaching price concessions. Aside from prices, also delivery dates and conditions can be subject to negotiation as well as offset in certain cases of international trade.
However, business negotiations do not stop at purchasing. Sometimes our business Partner’s companies are facing serious changes. Strikes or collective redundancies and severance packages thereto related often pose a serious challenge to the negotiators – especially when trade unions come into play. UBC of course partakes in such dialogues as well.
We are efficient not only due to our substantial preparation and experience in challenging negotiation situations. Our strategic strength is the distance that we keep when entering a discussion. We engage ourselves in it deeply, however only on the basis of merit – never emotionally. We believe that composure sets the base of an agreement.


Suppose that a new purchase for your company is estimated by the seller at – for the sake of the calculation – 100 000 PLN. Our commitment to negotiate prices can cut it by e.g. 10 000 PLN. And that is the amount (the amount of the negotiated discount) our fee is dependent on and which equals approximately 30 percent of the said amount, so in this case 3 000 PLN. Result? Instead of the initial 100 000, the company spends only 93 000 which already contains the UBC provision! When it comes to the transaction at hand, we bring you 7 000 PLN net profit without your company bearing any risk or expenses for our services.

Bizarre? Perhaps in the past. Today this is simply innovative.