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Price negotiations for individual customers – and thus for everyone – is a true novelty in Poland. However, this model works great in the US which is why we’ve decided to bring it to the Polish market.

We’ve noticed that the majority of Polish citizens do not even try to reduce the price of goods purchased, as if they did not want to save their own money. Unfortunately those who try to negotiate on their own, do not achieve significant results. This is usually a result of a lack of professional preparation and… emotions which are never a good adviser. Fortunately UBC can help – calmly, fully professionally and without any additional expenses for our services. And without even a shadow of a risk!

How is that possible?

Let us presume that a developer estimates an apartment to be worth 300 000 PLN. At the same time let’s assume that our commitment to negotiating prices reduces it by e.g. 30 000 PLN. And that is the amount (the discount amount) our fee is dependent on and which may equal approximately 30 percent of the said amount. Result?

Instead of the initial 300 000, you spend only 279 000 which already contains the UBC provision! In this case we bring you 21 000 PLN net profit. Let us repeat: this happens without any risk or additional expenses for you to bear!

But that’s not all. Every zloty saved when buying an apartment on credit brings almost two zloty of savings throughout the entire, long-term, loan agreement. All in all, thanks to our mediation you can spend on such an apartment up to 40 000 PLN less!
Worth trying, isn’t it?

Until recently unheard of. Today this is simply innovative.