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Negotiating accounts receivable


UBC is also a comprehensive debt recovery service. In order to support our Customers businesses’ financial liquidity, we have developed a service of efficient negotiation with their contractors who fail to secure their liabilities settlement.

We focus on individual approach to each Client and tailoring our offer to their needs. Basing on our own estimation of the delinquent contractor’s financial and legal standing as well as a dunning letter concerning the payment we wish to recover, we select the most effective tools and methods that shall be used in a specific case.

Benefits of doing business with us

No Extra Charge

At no stage of the negotiation process do we take any introduction or additional fees


We negotiate full outstanding payment coverage in a flexible and effective manner


We act quickly and efficiently at every stage of debt recovery

Success Fee

We operate according to the Success Fee Rule – provision comes only from debts that have been collected

Absolute Discretion Rule

In order to protect our Customers from possible suspicion of lack of financial liquidity or excessive tardiness in debt collecting, UBC follows the Absolute Discretion Rule. This means that not only sensitive data but also the sole fact of conducting business with any of our Clients is treated as company confidentiality and never revealed outside – not even during soliciting new clients. We understand that price cannot be put on trust.

How are we different from debt collection agencies?

UBC is not as engaged in literal debt collection as it is in negotiation with the debtors, which helps our Clients to maintain cooperation with their overdue contractors. Our main goal is to recover the funds during pre-trial stage which allows our Customers to receive the funds faster without any need to cover any legal fees which they would need to settle should the execution of a court judgment become ineffective. Extrajudicial settlement reached through professional mediation allows business partners to continue their cooperation – it also removes any unnecessary interpersonal tension. Our negotiators act in an efficient and organized manner, with reference to jurisprudence and professional experience.

However, in order to successfully negotiate liability settlement on behalf of our Clients, we represent them during each stage of debt recovery. Before entering into negotiation, we incisively review the indebted company’s financial standing as well as its market history and skillfully use gathered information during the negotiation process. Each market research that we perform enables us to gather an information package crucial to take further actions. It is particularly important when the debtor is showing a lack of willingness to cooperate because even if it comes down to any legal actions, obtained information will increase our Client’s chances of retrieving his funds.

Therefore, our actions are faster and more effective than during a standard debt collection process. We are able to join in during any stage and offer our services throughout the country. We also use a clear rewarding system: our pay is limited to the amount of an agreed commission

Four stages of negotiating accounts receivable

negocjacje wierzytelności - rozmowy

Conciliation discussions preceded by an incisive market research, concluding friendly solutions. Negotiations that end in extrajudicial settlement do not compromise future cooperation with the debtor!

negocjacje wierzytelności - reprezentowanie przed sądem

Representing the Client before common courts, collection agencies and public administration bodies during debt claim (negotiation) process

negocjacje wierzytelności - egzekucje komornicze

Executory actions based on active participation in debt enforcement proceedings. Determining the current financial state of the debtor and forwarding such information to the collection agencies.

negocjacje wierzytelności - dochodzenie należności

Taking legal actions related to debt enforcement at a time when the debtor intentionally exposed the Client not only to financial but also material losses

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