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Procurement outsourcing

Simple and low-priced

Procurement outsourcing is an innovative solution which Polish businessmen refer to extraordinarily eagerly. BPO market ceased being a curiosity a long time ago. It is more and more vibrant and its growth in Poland exceeds the corresponding economic situation in the U.S. and Western Europe. Currently Polish companies are outsourcing not only manufacturing or accounting activities but more and more often they convey their purchasing processes to the experts.

At UBC we handle that particular outsourcing segment. It is closely related to the base of our operations: business negotiation. Experience and knowledge gained within the field provide our Customers with a number of unique solutions.

Above all, on behalf of our Clients we negotiate the lowest prices. That means a strategic cost reduction of necessary resources, products or services purchases – and such savings accumulate year by year. We ensure organized deliveries, their timeliness as well as quality of delivered goods. We level down the cost of running your own purchasing department: we do not require any personnel, offices, equipment, not even a phone line. At the same time – thanks to keeping a healthy distance to tasks we have been entrusted with – we are immune to any pressure that might come from the vendors. Ironically that distance moves us closer to our goal.

Benefits of procurement outsourcing

redukcja kosztów

Cost reduction

High savings in comparison to having a company run its own procurement department. No personnel, office space, equipment or supplies expenses. Cheaper and less complicated accounting.

uproszczenie procesu zakupowego

Operating at ease

Significant simplification of the entire procurement process. Transferring it outside means the end of efforts that come with its management. The choice of the supplier, market and delivery flow monitoring – these are our responsibilities now.

negocjacje cenowe

Price negotiation

Our Clients can count on lower prices when purchasing the same products and services as before. Our way of conducting procurement outsourcing includes fierce price bargaining as well as delivery conditions and dates negotiations.

prostsze procedury

Simpler procedures

Allowing us to handle your company’s procurement also means benefiting from limited bureaucracy which comes hand in hand with standing orders as well as single purchases. We offer one simple contract instead of a thousand different arrangements.